NAU Ventures

NAU Ventures' Objectives

  • To disseminate, for the public benefit, and through the use of worldwide patent and copyright systems, new and useful knowledge generated by NAU research.
  • To license NAU inventions to industry in order to promote the commercial development of inventions toward practical application for the benefit of the public.
  • To utilize the value of NAU inventions to promote a culture of open innovation between NAU and the private sector.
  • To provide revenue for supporting further research which, in turn, may facilitate the discovery of more new inventions.
Multidirectional Cycle
Universities contribute in many ways to the growing technology and knowledge-based economy. They graduate the next generation of leaders for emerging industries. They train the specialized labor force – professional and knowledge workers necessary for the operation of technology companies. They create a dynamic and intellectually stimulating society, which attracts and retains that work force.

Universities also attract and concentrate significant amounts of funding to conduct scientific research in a wide range of areas (COGR, 2). That research in turn leads to new knowledge which is published, and that shared knowledge leads to new products and processes for the marketplace adding new jobs throughout the economy. (COGR, 2)

This dynamic involvement with industry creates new demands on the university to manage these activities so that the institution’s primary goal of education research and dissemination of knowledge are not compromised, but rather are augmented, with conflicts minimized and managed. Generally, this is accomplished through the development and implementation of university policies governing such areas as scientific integrity, conflict of interest and intellectual property.